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"If a story is in you, it has to come out." (William Faulkner)

About me

Current Project: Just a House

When Abigail watched her parents part with her childhood home, nostalgia swept up her heart. Filled with gratitude for the abundance of memories it represented, she set out to put words to her emotions. It was just a house, but as lyrical lines spilled from her fingers and tears from her eyes, she realized that it symbolized so much more.

Yet it wasn’t until months after first reading Just a House aloud to her family that Abigail suddenly imagined it as a picture book. Its message is universal. Our houses are just roofs and walls, but the relationships built and the memories created within transcend their structure. And while all the mundane happenings at home are rarely acclaimed, they are what unite to forge a life. Abigail hopes that her story resonates with those of all ages, from children to grandparents, encouraging them to cherish their homes, treasure their families, and preserve their memories.

Abigail is currently in the query process, pitching her manuscript to literary agents. You can join her email list to keep up on her journey!

About me


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About me

About Abigail

Abigail, a Pacific Northwest native, gets strange looks when she declares her love for blustery days. She strives to cultivate a grace-filled and welcoming home for her husband Andrew (who’s not a fan of the rain), three rambunctious sons, and the various individuals who God brings through their front door. Although she approaches home management and decor with a minimalist mindset, she is currently nurturing an embarrassing number of house plants. Her ideal day off would involve tea, good books, creative writing, and conversations with Andrew about how the gospel of Jesus impacts everyday life—preferably while curled up on a window seat in the mountains of Southern Washington. While she enjoys a good memoir or historical novel, the wonder of watching her children enraptured by picture books—especially favorites from her childhood—is one of her greatest literary joys. She attributes this passion to the countless hours her mom spent reading aloud to her and her five brothers.

For as long as she can remember, Abigail has loved using the power of story to convey truth and elicit emotion. If her writing can make you laugh, cry, or even better, both, she considers her mission accomplished.

About me


Abigail actively shares everyday life vignettes on Instagram. She discovered it several years ago as a delightful way to keep her writing muscles in regular use while reaching out to other women with simple tips, encouragement, and relatable stories. Her feed has also blossomed into a creative outlet for reflecting God’s beauty and order. She enjoys connecting with fellow mamas, writers, and creatives and supporting small business owners.

Come join the fun @whatabigailwrites.